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You said, we listened: handy service improvements

You’ve told us that the demand for your advice has increased significantly and a massive priority for us is to support you through the challenges and opportunities.

 As a result of your feedback we’ve made improvements to a number of our services. They’re mostly simple things, but we hope they’ll make a difference when you’re doing business with us. This is part of a rolling programme of improvements, so don’t think we are satisfied to stop here. The more we listen, the more we learn. We’ve run over 20 focus groups with advisers already in the first 6 months of the year. If you’ve not been part of one of these and would like to pass on some feedback, please let us know through your sales consultant or email us here 


Earlier notification of fund events
You told us that you needed to know about fund events (such as mergers and closures) earlier, to manage clients’ expectations, so we’ve introduced a new notification process to give you the maximum possible preparation time. Find out more  about the new fund notifications or sign-up  now to receive them if you don’t already.

TickGiving a ‘lead policyholder’ option
Arranging for busy clients to sign paperwork can be time-consuming, especially if more than one signature is required. Your time is valuable, so we’ve introduced the option of having a lead policyholder to reduce the number of people needed to authorise an instruction. Please speak to your Old Mutual Wealth consultant for more details or complete our online form.

TickAlerting you of pension reviews 
The flexible pension options mean your clients need your retirement advice more than ever. We now let you know when we’re sending a review pack to your clients, either because they’re approaching an anniversary or their selected retirement date. This enables you to give them suitable advice at the right time. View an example letter here.

TickImproved half-yearly statements
 Your clients are more likely to feel relaxed and secure if they understand what’s happening with their investments. We’ve worked closely with advisers to create clearer, more engaging half-yearly statements, aimed at reducing the number of queries you have to deal with. View an example half-yearly statement.

TickDedicated due diligence support for large cases 
Stringent compliance is essential to running a successful business, but deciphering regulations can be onerous. We’ve created a dedicated team who can guide you through the unique anti-money laundering requirements involved in establishing the legitimacy of large lump sum investments before you place the business. This can save you having to ‘read between the lines’. Find out more about our additional support.

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