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Dedicated due diligence support: you said, we listened

We now offer additional support for increased anti-money laundering requirements on large cases to help you evidence origins of wealth – an area of increased regulatory focus recently.

Contact our large case support team to avoid ‘reading between the lines’

Sometimes a printed set of guidelines isn’t enough, so when you contact our new mailbox you can talk to us about your large cases on an individual, case-by-case basis. The aim of this service is to assist you with a response within 24 hours and to:

  • provide you with guidance as early as possible, ahead of business being placed
  • walk you through the requirements and help you to gather information as part of your fact-finding process
  • avoid delays in the application process, and awkward client conversations
  • call on the expertise of our Risk and Compliance team for further guidance where needed
  • ensure your firm adheres to anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

Origins of wealth evidence

You can find the standard AML requirements noted on our paper and online application forms. In addition to these standard requirements, for large-value client investments, you will need to provide evidence of the origins of the client’s wealth.

Our additional requirements are listed below. We realise that sometimes it’s difficult to pick a specific category. Therefore, we will consider other suitable documentary evidence to demonstrate the origins of the money your client is investing.

These are guidelines only, so please contact our large case support team to discuss your individual case.

Origins of wealth Evidence required
Where more than one piece of evidence is listed, we will only need to see one of them.
  • – A copy of a bank statement showing the savings, covering a minimum of three months
A property sale
  • – Signed letter from solicitor/lawyer/regulated accountant/estate agent (if applicable)
  • – Copy of the sale contract
An inheritance
  • – Copy of the Grant of Probate, with a copy of the will, which must include the value of the estate
  • – Copy of the will
  • – Signed letter from solicitor/lawyer/trustees of the estate
A gift
  • – A letter from the donor, confirming details of the gift
An investment/a maturing investment/a policy claim etc
  • – Investment certificate or contract note from the product provider/investment company
  • – Bank statement(s) showing payment from the product provider/investment company
  • – Signed letter detailing payments from a regulated accountant or solicitor
  • – Letter or closing statement from the product provider confirming the sale proceeds
Salary payments/bonus from an employer or business
  • – Recent payslip
  • – Recent accounts (if self-employed)
  • – Bank statement showing regular salary payments from the client’s employer over a recent three-month period
  • – Letter from the client’s employer confirming their annual salary, signed by the HR manager or equivalent senior manager
A divorce settlement
  • – A signed letter from a solicitor/lawyer or a copy of the divorce papers
A company sale
  • – Signed letter from solicitor/lawyer/regulated accountant
  • – Copy of the contract of sale and a bank statement showing the sale proceeds
  • – Copies of media coverage (if applicable)
A compensation payment
  • – Letter or court order from the compensating body
  • – Signed letter from solicitor/lawyer
  • – Copies of media coverage (if applicable)
A win
  • – Letter from the relevant organisation (e.g. lottery headquarters, betting shop, casino)
  • – Bank statements showing the funds deposited including the paying company name
  • – Copies of media coverage (if applicable).

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