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Powering ISA Planning

Time is ticking away for clients who want to maximise the benefits of their ISA before the tax year ends. A stocks and shares ISA can ensure that they make the most of their ISA allowance.

Cash iconInvestment top-up service

Our new and enhanced top-up service lets you offer your clients the option of topping up their investments themselves. You can also add your own company logo to the webpages and client-facing documents, making this top-up facility an extension of your own service.

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To make it easier for you to help your clients who already have an Old Mutual Wealth Stocks and Shares ISA, you can access our ISA optimisation tool via the Old Mutual Wealth online platform. This provides all the data you need to prepare a case for each client to top-up based on their current ISA contributions and the potential balance outstanding. When you download your ISA client spreadsheet it contains the following for each client:

  • ISA number, client reference, name and address
  • net direct debit amount and collection date
  • net contributions in current tax year and outstanding balance (unused ISA allowance).

Tick iconSimple and fast transfer process

The new NISA rules make it easier for cash ISA clients to transfer to a stocks and shares ISA and retain their freedom and flexibility. Clients can also gain from consolidating their existing stocks and shares ISAs in one place – not only will their investments be easier to view and manage, they may benefit from a lower charge in percentage terms, thanks to our tiered charging structure which decreases the more they invest.

The process of transferring your clients’ cash ISAs to an Old Mutual Wealth Stocks and Shares ISA is quick and straightforward. Simply go to the Old Mutual Wealth online platform, select your client, select new investment, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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