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Top tips for switches

Save switches

  • All switches, including bulk switches, can be saved.
  • Switch instructions that have not been completed can be retrieved from the Latest Activity page, and continued later.
  • When doing a ‘Switch by Fund’ for multiple funds, the user can select ‘Any’ or ‘All’ as the matching criteria to determine the accounts to be used in the bulk switch. (current rules always match on All funds)

Rebalancing as part of switch

When doing a bulk switch, which would previously turn off any current rebalancing instructions, a new rebalancing instruction can be created. This can also include any accounts in the bulk switch that did not previously have rebalancing set up.

Bulk switches

  • From launch, bulk switches must be done separately for each charge basis. To make bulk switching as easy as possible across the 3 charge bases, the bulk switching process will give the option to select the charge basis with which to work.
  • Accounts on any charge basis can be linked to a model portfolio, but switching will not be allowed if any of the funds are not available for the charge basis – any invalid funds (e.g. a non rebate-paying fund for charge basis 1 or 2) will need to be replaced in the bulk switch instruction before the switch instruction can be submitted.
  • The existing ‘Rebalance’ button will be renamed to ‘Align to Portfolio’.
  • If any accounts have ‘trades in progress’ that block them from being included in a bulk switch, a separate application will be created and saved for these accounts. This can be retrieved from Pending Applications and submitted separately, after the trades in progress have completed. Go to Switch by Clients/Confirm Accounts, to see the charge basis for each customer at a glance.

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