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Top tips for fund preferences

Charge deduction preferences

  • For CIA, ISA and CIB, customers can specify deduction preferences separately for:
  • The available options are:
    •   – from the largest fund (the default option for the Product/Service Charge and adviser servicing fee)
    •   – proportionally from all funds (the default option for automatic withdrawals)
    •   – from one or more specified funds.
  • For CRA the only option initially is “proportionally from all funds”.
  • If the instruction is for specific fund(s), and there are insufficient units in any fund(s) for the deduction, the default option will be used instead.
  • When an investment is phased in, charge deduction preferences cannot be set up in advance. This can only be done once there are holdings in the fund(s) to be used for deducting the charges.

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