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Top tips for documents

Literature & forms

  • We have updated our suite of literature to cover all the RDR changes, product changes and different charge bases, including:
    •  – New Terms and Conditions (different versions for Charge Basis 1 & 2 and for
          Charge Basis 3);
    •  – Making the Cost of Investment Clear (different versions for each charge basis)
    •  – Old Mutual Wealth's platform Funds List and Personalised Funds List
          (different versions for each charge basis)
    •  – Rebates will be disclosed on illustrations, funds lists and fund fact sheets.
    •  – New illustrations and existing business quotes
    •  – Many new and updated system documents, e.g. contract notes, Adviser Fee
          Authorisation form
    •  – Changes to our servicing forms. The Change to Account form has been replaced by five separate forms:
      •   – Change of name/address
      •   – Automatic withdrawal/income payment instruction
      •   – Amendment to income withdrawal (CRA)
      •   – DD amendment for ISA/CIA
      •   – DD amendment for CRA

Platform funds list and personalised funds list

  • There will be separate versions of the platform Funds List and Personalised Funds List for each charge basis. Each version will only show funds and fund data that is specific to that charge basis.
  • The new funds lists have already been published on the Literature Library. Rebate information will be added to these documents by 31 December 2012. Until the rebate information is published, the effective charges will not include the effect of any rebates.
  • Any adviser portfolio list will also be for a specific charge basis. All existing lists will be deemed to be on Charge Basis 1.
  • If users convert a portfolio list to a different charge basis, any funds that are not available on the new charge basis will be highlighted, and should be replaced or deleted. Any unavailable funds that are not available for the selected charge basis will not be included in the funds list that is generated.

Valuation statements

  • Valuation statements have been enhanced to report the total value of all investments on the account, and the total value of all withdrawals.
  • Valuations will also show the value of any cash awaiting payment to the client.
  • For migrated accounts, this information will report the investments and withdrawals from the date of migration.

Financial Adviser Verification