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Options for taking adviser fees


Before we can facilitate adviser fees for accounts or bonds converting to Charge Basis 2 or accounts converting to Charge Basis 3, we need to have received, for each account or bond, the client’s original signed adviser fee authorisation form.

The Adviser fee authorisation form you need is available on our literature library. Alternatively, a pre-populated fee authorisation form will be made available as part of the online application process. In each case you will need to obtain the client’s signature.

This table summarises the options for facilitating Adviser Charges. The maximum limits are what we will facilitate, and not a restriction on your fee structure. They apply to all products except the Collective Investment Account (CIA) for which a more relaxed upper limit is applied to help tax-efficient payment planning.

Type of fee What it’s for

Adviser Initial Fee
Up to 7%

A fee deducted when regular or lump sum investments are made.

Adviser Servicing Fee
Up to 1.5%

A regular fee for ongoing services in relation to their account or bond.

Adviser Ad-hoc Fee
Up to 4.5%

A one-off fee for other advice, as agreed with your client.

Adviser Fund Switch Fee
3% of funds being switched

A fee, deducted from the sale proceeds of the units being switched, for a switch following advice to the client.


Please refer to the platform remuneration guide for further information

  • All adviser fees can be expressed as a specified amount of money or as a percentage. In the case of the Adviser Servicing Fee the client can also state whether VAT is to be added to the agreed fee.
  • Fund deduction preferences - You can specify which fund(s) units are deducted from to pay fees.
  • Offshore Collective Investment Bond. We do not facilitate adviser fees in relation to the Offshore Collective Investment Bond.

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