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Trust Taxation

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Additional trustees avoid additional complications

Planning with your clients’ doesn’t stop with taking out the plan and placing it in trust. Consider who will claim the benefits on death.
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Discretionary trust dividend taxation

The tax position of trustees and beneficiaries in receipt of dividend income and savings income generated from trust assets. It does not consider all scenarios and Old Mutual Wealth recommends that independent tax advice be sought in all cases.
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Discretionary trust taxation

This article explains the UK inheritance tax treatment of a discretionary trusts or a trust which is subject to the relevant property regime.

Taxation of collectives held in trusts

This article looks at how UK collective investments are taxed when they are held inside a trust.
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Trust taxation at a glance

This article provides a high-level summary of who is liable to tax when an asset is held in a trust.

Trusts in Spain

This article looks at how Spanish Gift and Inheritance Tax applies to the Spanish Collective Investment Bond held in an offshore trust.
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A simple view for order of gifting with PET’s and CLT’s during lifetime and the impact upon death

A simple summary of the potential tax consequences based on the order a donor makes an outright gift as a potentially exempt transfer (PET) or a chargeable lifetime transfer (CLT) in life and death.

Absolute or discretionary trust and IHT

The following article provides information about inheritance tax planning for UK domiciled individuals where a gift has been made and the individual does not require access to capital or withdrawals.
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Pre-owned assets tax

Pre-owned assets tax rules relating to intangible property and in particular offshore bonds were introduced to impose an income tax charge where UK resident taxpayers circumvent the gift with reservation of benefit rules for UK IHT.
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Taxing investment bonds held in trust

This article looks at how UK investment bonds are taxed when they are held inside a trust. It assumes that you have a good understanding of the common types of trusts that hold UK investment bonds.

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