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The value of probate trusts for UK resident/domicile clients

Proposals announced on 05/11/18 confirmed the Governments plans to increase fees payable for obtaining probate in the UK. This provides an advice opportunity to discuss estate planning options with your UK clients.

Understanding HMRC's trust register

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Trusts and Adviser Charging

This article considers Old Mutual Wealth’s approach to facilitating fees from investment bonds which are subject to a Old Mutual Wealth trust.

Trusts – Simple yet effective

This article explains how trusts are simple yet effective financial planning tools. It provides an overview of why trusts should be used with Old Mutual Life Assurance policies.

Protector Powers

This article aims to detail the powers and duties given to a protector under our Quilter International, Quilter International Trust Company and Quilter International Ireland's trusts. It also explains how protectors can be added, changed or removed from the trusts.
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The role of Quilter International Trust Company

This article highlights the benefit appointing a professional trustee such as Quilter International Trust Company. This article is not aimed at advisers with Singaporean investors.

The Hastings-Bass principle

This article provides an overview of the “Hastings-Bass” principle.
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The role of a protector

This article addresses some of the main issues regarding the appointment of a protector to a trust and the role they play.
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Choose your trustees wisely

Rachael Griffin explains the importance of an impartial trustee.
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The role of trustees

Once your client has decided to use a trust one of the fundamental decisions is making the right choice of trustee. This article highlights the importance of appointing a suitable person to act as a trustee.

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