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Discretionary Trusts

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Absolute and discretionary trusts

Some features of the Old Mutual Wealth Absolute and Discretionary (Settlor excluded) Trusts. This overview is not exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with Old Mutual Wealth’s other technical material available here.
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Discretionary trust taxation

This article explains the UK inheritance tax treatment of a discretionary trusts or a trust which is subject to the relevant property regime.
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Nil-rate band discretionary trusts

Since the introduction of the transferable nil-rate band, the use of the nil-rate band discretionary trusts is now appears limited for estate planning. However, it remains an important tool in effective estate planning.
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Relevant Property Trusts - Principle Charge (10 year charge)

Post 21 March 2006 interest in possession and discretionary trusts (known collectively as relevant property trusts) are subject to a 10 year IHT charge known as the Principle Charge. This can be quite complex and offers a significant advice opportunity with your trust clients.
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The mechanics of a flexible carve out trust

We often are asked to explain what a ‘carve-out trust is. This is a trust which separates out different interests (or rights), some of which are generally held absolutely for the settlor of the trust and some of which are held on settlement for the beneficiaries (where the settlor is excluded from benefitting).
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Types of discretionary trusts

Discretionary trusts an how they can be used by UK domiciled investors. This article only considers UK inheritance tax and does not take into account other taxes or local rules.

2016 Prepare for the charge! (The Periodic charge)

The first of the post 21 March 2006 interest in possession and discretionary trusts (known collectively as relevant property trusts) are less than 6 months away from their first 10 year review. What should you consider when looking at this significant advice opportunity with your trust clients?
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Rysaffe principle

The Rysaffe case is often referred to within trust planning. It demonstrates that there are various ways of using multiple trusts in order to achieve effective tax planning.

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