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Business tools and user guides

We aim to be a true partner to financial advisers and we are continually developing an extensive range of tools to make your life easier. That’s what it’s all about for us. Giving you the tools you need to help you give great advice to your clients. Discover below what we believe to be the most comprehensive set of financial adviser tools available, on both Old Mutual Wealth's platform and on our adviser website.

Featured tool

Total cost of ownership
The total cost of ownership tool calculates the impact of moving some or all of a client's existing accounts held with Old Mutual Wealth's platform between our three charge bases. It also allows you to see the impact of switching into different funds, swapping into WealthSelect.

Product Service Charge Calculator

Business tools

Investment process
Helps you understand and then deliver and document a robust and compliant investment process.

ISA data download tool (Log on to the platform)
To help increase business in the lead up to tax-year end you can access all your ISA client data, including outstanding ISA allowance.


Share Class Conversion Checker
Providing you with a schedule of funds due to be converted as part of Old Mutual Wealth’s Share Class Conversion Program.

Our industry leading investment and portfolio analysis tool.

Personalised Funds List (log on to the platform)
Allows creation of funds list specific to a client’s portfolio to be presented alongside Key Features Documents and illustrations.

Risk profiling and discussion

Risk profiling and asset allocation tools
A range of tools that help you to measure your clients’ attitude to risk and build a suitable matching portfolio.

Porfolio Explorer Risk discussion tool
Assists you in the risk discussion process by explaining what Old Mutual Wealth’s ten risk levels mean.

APPetite for risk – mobile app
Risk profiling and risk discussions can now be simple, efficient and in the palm of your hand.


Gifting Calculator
This financial planning tool provides the Inheritance Tax liability on a series of lifetime gifts made by your client based on the information you provide. It also shows the remaining nil rate band (if any) available for the estate on death.

Capital withdrawal financial planning tool
Calculates the capital gain on a given withdrawal from an investment or the amount of withdrawal required to utilise an individual’s, or trustee’s, capital gains tax allowance.

Capital Gains Tax Reporting
This tool is designed to report on a client’s gain or loss position within their Collective Investment Account holdings.

Chargeable Gain Tool
Calculates the chargeable events for part surrender of all policies, a full surrender of individual policies and full surrender of all policies within your clients bond. It is not suitable for company owned investments because life and redemption contracts owned by a company are taxed under the Loan Relationship Rules.

Chargeable event gains – income tax calculator
Calculates the income tax payable, after available reliefs, for one or more chargeable event gains on a life or redemption policy. It can’t be used where the gain is assessable on trustees, or where a company owns the investment, because life and redemption contracts owned by a company are taxed under the ‘loan relationship’ rules.

Note: If using Internet Explorer please choose to ‘save’ the calculator prior to opening or open using Chrome if you experience problems.

Discretionary Trust Tax calculator – this calculator allows you to calculate IHT charges applicable to a discretionary trust.

Expenditure tool
A useful expenditure tool which your clients can use to record each payment. This information can then be copied onto form IHT403 for passing to HMRC.


Scheme specific tax free cash calculator
To be used to determine a member's tax-free cash (TFC) entitlement where they had tax-free cash rights greater than 25% as at 5 April 2006.

Maximum Contribution Calculator
Calculate the maximum gross contribution your clients or their employer can contribute to their pension by 05/04/2020. The calculator takes into account any carry forward available and any taper to the Annual Allowance that applies.

Note: Please open this calculator using Chrome

Capped Drawdown maximum income calculator
Helps calculate the maximum income available under Capped drawdown, including adding additional designations to existing drawdown funds. Can also identify the amount to crystallise to provide a specific level of income.

Tapered Annual Allowance calculator
This stand-alone calculator will determine the level of tapered annual allowance applicable to the client. This can be used for any year. The results are based on the information provided, our current understanding of HMRC rules and does not account for any additional proposed contributions. If you wish to do a full calculation including maximum contributions and carry forward, please use our Maximum Contribution Calculator by clicking here.

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