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Tapered annual allowance

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Tapered annual allowance & high earners

From 6 April 2016 the annual allowance will taper to a minimum of £10,000 for those with adjusted income exceeding £150,000.
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Example tax considerations for breaches of tapered annual allowance

This article illustrates the potential tax charges relating to different options for a pension contribution that exceeds a client’s tapered annual allowance. This is designed to show the impact on income tax, national insurance (NI), growth and inheritance tax (IHT) in this scenario.
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Breaching the Tapered Annual Allowance Limits

This article illustrates some of the key considerations affecting high earners taking pension options with the new tapered reduction to the annual allowance.

Tapered annual allowance – examples

We have put together some simple examples to help explain Tapered annual allowance and how the client may be affected.

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