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Divorce and Pension Sharing Process in the UK

Prior to 1 December 2000, couples getting divorced in the UK had the option when considering their pension funds of either offsetting their pension benefits against other assets in their estate or applying an earmarking order. Both of these methods can have drawbacks for both parties.
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Lifetime Allowance and Pension options part 1

This article discusses the effects of the reduction in the Lifetime Allowance and the options available under pensions.

Lifetime Allowance and Pension options part 2

This article discusses the effects of the reduction in the Lifetime Allowance and the alternative savings options other than your own pension.
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Non auto-enrolment funding options

People overlook pension funding options which may be available to higher earners without breaching the auto-enrolment rules. Here we look at a pre A-Day concept applying to the new pension regime and funding.
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Planning to protect your pension - PoA

There are many issues within pensions that need decisions to be made and require a full understanding - something that some may not be capable of as they get older and/or lose mental faculty.
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Bankruptcy and pension scheme benefits

This article outlines the impact on an individual’s pension benefits if they are declared bankrupt.
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Pension rules: Care and State benefits

State benefits and care home fees can be affected by how and when pensions are taken - and even if they are not taken. This article looks into some of the effects the new pension legislation could have on these benefits.
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Pensions from April 2015 – A summary

As we know, the Government intends that from April next year, individuals from the age of 55 with a defined contribution pension will be able to access their entire pension flexibly if they wish. The following summarises the main changes.
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Planning pension income

Adrian walker highlights the potential opportunities for advice from the forthcoming pension income withdrawal changes on 26 March 2013.

Solutions for retirement planning

Not only have they seen a fall in the actual value of their savings, but the effect of falling gilt yields has affected both the value of annuities they can purchase and the income available from capped income solutions. There are however effective solutions available to help with their future retirement planning as Adrian Walker explains.

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