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Pension contributions and Tax relief

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Pension salary/bonus sacrifice

Salary sacrifice allows an employee to give up an amount of their salary and replace it with an employer’s pension contribution creating a larger pension contribution than they would have paid themselves for the same or lower net cost.
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Personal pension higher rate relief

Higher rate tax relief is given by increasing the basic rate and higher rate band by the amount of gross contribution paid into a personal pension. The effect of this is that the investor will get higher rate relief by paying basic rate tax on income that they would have otherwise paid higher rate tax on.
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Removal of personal allowance

From the beginning of the 2010/11 tax year individuals with ‘net adjusted income’ in excess of £100,000 had their personal allowance reduced.

Explaining how annual allowance and earnings limits interact

When looking to make a contribution into a pension an individual must consider annual allowance & carry forward, and tax relief limitations relating to earnings. This article explains how they interact.

Considerations of recycling

What is considered recycling? What about the consequences of recycling? This article will look at what recycling is, what can happen if recycling takes place and how to avoid recycling.
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Employer contributions

This article covers the impact that employer contributions will have in relation to the pension changes introduced from 6 April 2011.
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Pension contributions

Ordinarily it is clear whether a contribution is being made by an individual, third party or employer. However, sometimes identifying individual or business contributions is difficult.

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