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Lifetime Allowance

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Fixed and Individual Protection 2016

With the lifetime allowance reducing from £1.25 million to £1 million on 6 April 2016, what new protections will be available for members of a pension scheme to help protect the savings that they have already built up?
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Lifetime Allowance calculations applicable after 5 April 2016

Table detailing the various lifetime allowance protections.
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Lifetime Allowance calculations for different forms of protection

A summary of the Lifetime Allowance calculations which should be used for different forms of protection.
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Tax-free cash and the lifetime allowance rules

With the introduction of Fixed Protection 2012, Fixed Protection 2014 and Individual Protection in addition to the existing Enhanced Protection and Primary Protection, this article is designed to summarise the calculations for each circumstance.
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Individual Protection in 2014

This article considers the key points for Individual Protection.
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Registered pension scheme protection

This ‘Back to Basics’ guide lays out some of the fundamental facts needed to understand the different types of protection a member can have on their pension scheme benefits and how these are calculated.

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