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Bonds vs Unit Trusts

This guide aims to provide you with a general comparison between unit trusts and bonds when held by a UK resident individual.

Taxing collectives in an offshore bond

This article looks at the taxation of a collective investment when held by a UK-resident bondholder (excluding companies) inside an offshore bond and considers any additional liability which may fall on the bondholder.

Is it all about the wrapping?

We are often asked whether a bond or a collective is the right choice for a particular client. This isn’t a new dilemma however; certain legislative changes have changed the comparisons slightly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a UK collective investment for UK investors

This article provides a high level summary of the potential advantages and disadvantages of using a collective investment.

Taxation of collectives held in trusts

This article looks at how UK collective investments are taxed when they are held inside a trust.
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All you need to know about price spreads

Mike Barrett offers clarity on fund pricing with a masterclass on price spreads.

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