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Bonds V Unit Trusts

There are many occasions where comparisons are sought between the taxation of unit trusts and the taxation of bonds as advisers try to determine the best route for a client’s investment.
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HMRC to recalculate wholly disproportionate gains on part surrenders and part assignments

This article provides an overview of the new application process introduced in the Finance Bill 2017 which a policyholder must follow to have their gains on a part surrender or a part assignment recalculated by HMRC.
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Local authority assessment of bonds

This article is designed to outline how life assurance and investment bonds could be assessed by UK local authorities and the impact this may have on means testing for residential care.
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Advantages of using a UK bond

This article provides a high level summary of the potential advantages and disadvantages of UK bonds.
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Taxing investment bonds held in trust

This article looks at how UK investment bonds are taxed when they are held inside a trust. It assumes that you have a good understanding of the common types of trusts that hold UK investment bonds.
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UK single premium investment bond tax

In the following article, references to the current UK tax rates mean rates in the tax year ending on 5 April 2017 (tax year 2016/2017).
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Onshore and Offshore bonds

This ‘Back to Basic’ guide lays out some of the basic facts that should be considered and show some of the differences between onshore and offshore bonds.
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UK tax – Chargeable Events and LPRs

UK tax assessment process where chargeable events occur following the death of the policyholder (or last policyholder for jointly held bonds). This applies only where the policyholder was not a trustee.

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