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Tax benefits of the Spanish Collective Investment Bond

The aim of this article is to compare the Spanish income tax position, for a Spanish tax resident, between a tax compliant foreign insurance policy (Quilter International Ireland SCIB) and a non-compliant foreign insurance policy.

Choice of law in Cyprus

This flowchart identifies when customers can apply for a Joint Ownership European Executive Investment Bond ('EEIB')/ European Collective Investment Bond ('ECIB') and which choice of law is available.
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European inheritance gift and wealth tax

Inheritance, gift and wealth taxes and which jurisdictions in Europe they apply to. Please be aware there may be regional differences within the jurisdiction on how the tax is levied, if at all, and the exemptions that are available.
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Vive la trusts

This article provides a summary of the rules on the taxation of trusts in France.
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Tax information for Sweden

The following article provides an overview of the taxation of a life assurance policy in Sweden which are owned by a Swedish resident.
Cyprus: EU succession law

Cyprus: EU succession law

Where an individual owns assets in more than one country at the time of their death, complex rules can apply to their estate.
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New EU succession laws

Those advising UK expats need to consider the implications of Brussels IV when advising their clients.  Taking steps now may ensure that individuals avoid the possibility of Brussels IV impacting their succession plans.
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EU Matrimonial property regimes

Matrimonial property regimes, conflicts between common law and civil law jurisdictions relating to matrimonial property, and current European Union guidance on conflicts of law in this respect.
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EU consumer protection with IMD2

The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the latest proposed amendments to the Insurance Mediation Directive which were adopted by the EU commission on 3 July 2012.

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