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Application for an IHT reference number

This article explains when an Inheritance Tax reference number should and should not be obtained before paying Inheritance Tax on an estate.

When would you apply online?

An online application can be made where there is IHT to pay on the estate. For example, where there is tax to pay on the delivery of IHT400. The reference number must be included on Form IHT400 before it is sent to HMRC.

The online application cannot be used where the deceased did not have a national insurance number or where tax is being paid on a trust or a gift into trust. Form IHT422 must be used in these circumstances.

When would you apply by completing Form IHT422?

An application can be made this way if there is IHT to pay on:

  • an estate (where someone has died),
  • a trust (exit and periodic charges on a discretionary trust),
  • a gift into a trust where the person making the gift is still alive (chargeable lifetime transfers above the nil-rate band); or
  • any other immediately chargeable transfers.

Is an IHT reference number always required?

No, the reference number is not required where there is no IHT to pay on an estate. This also includes other cases where there is no IHT to pay, for example, where an individual is transferring a late spouse or civil partner’s unused nil rate band.


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