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Capital Gains Tax


Taxation of collectives held directly

This article looks at the taxation of a collective investment when owned directly by a UK resident investor and considers any additional liability which may fall on the investor.

30-day Bed and Breakfast rules and CGT

This article explains the capital gains tax rules surrounding the sale and repurchase of the same shares and unit trusts within 30 days.

CGT a summary of how the tax applies

This article sets out the main rules relating to capital gains tax (CGT).

CGT – share identification and section 104 holdings

Asset disposal: holding a fund direct as well as via a collective such as Old Mutual Wealth's Collective Investment Account may mean the gain or loss realised is more or less than expected. Section 104 holdings drags older gains into charge quicker.
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Capital withdrawal planning tool

This financial planning tool calculates the capital gain on a given withdrawal from an investment, and the amount of withdrawal which can be made when utilising an individual or trustee’s CGT exemption.
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Taxing Share Class Conversions

The Collective Investment Schemes (Tax Transparent Funds, Exchanges, Merges and Schemes of Reconstruction) Regulations 2013 still needs clarification regarding equalisation.

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