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Individual Taxation


Capital Gains Tax on Stocks and Shares

These guides are designed to assist you in calculating the gains on the disposal of shares or units in a collective investment scheme. Topic:Capital Gains Tax

Savings and dividend taxation bands and allowances: Quick Reference Guide

Previously we have written articles covering the new taxation rules surrounding savings income and dividends. Here we provide a series of scenarios to show how these interact with an individual’s personal allowance and tax rates. Topic:Income Tax
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High income child benefit charge

This article explains how the tax charge works for individuals affected by the high income child benefit charge. Topic:Income Tax

My investment is paying dividends – maybe too much!

From 6th April 2018 the dividend allowance will reduce to £2,000. Some of those impacted will be investors and there is an opportunity for some simple planning in this area to avoid some unnecessary tax. Topic:Income Tax

Dividend taxation for investors

Since April 2016 dividends received by an investor have been considered gross following the abolition of the 10% tax credit. Individuals now have a £5,000 dividend allowance, this article demonstrates how the band works. Topic:Income Tax
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Finance bill (no.2) 2017 – items removed

The decision to hold a general election on 8 June 2017 has resulted in a number of items being removed from the Finance Bill (No.2) 2017. This article lists some of the key items which have been removed.
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HMRC to recalculate wholly disproportionate gains on part surrenders and part assignments

This article provides an overview of the new application process introduced in the Finance Bill 2017 which a policyholder must follow to have their gains on a part surrender or a part assignment recalculated by HMRC. Topic:Income Tax
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Bond tax for an investor returning to the UK

The taxation issues related to an individual who is or is likely to become a UK resident and who owns a Personal Portfolio Bond.
Mind the housing gap

Buy to let investing even riskier

UK Summer budget makes buy to let riskier.
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Capital withdrawal planning tool

This financial planning tool calculates the capital gain on a given withdrawal from an investment, and the amount of withdrawal which can be made when utilising an individual or trustee’s CGT exemption. Topic:Capital Gains Tax
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Remittance to the UK – a taxing decision

This article summarises the key points for international advisers when deciding whether to use the remittance basis of taxation. Topic:Income Tax
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Taxing Share Class Conversions

The Collective Investment Schemes (Tax Transparent Funds, Exchanges, Merges and Schemes of Reconstruction) Regulations 2013 still needs clarification regarding equalisation. Topic:Capital Gains Tax

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