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Savings and dividend taxation bands and allowances: Quick Reference Guide

Previously we have written articles covering the new taxation rules surrounding savings income and dividends. Here we provide a series of scenarios to show how these interact with an individual’s personal allowance and tax rates.

Lifetime Allowance and Pension options part 2

This article discusses the effects of the reduction in the Lifetime Allowance and the alternative savings options other than your own pension.
Child money

Lifetime Allowance and Pension options part 1

This article discusses the effects of the reduction in the Lifetime Allowance and the options available under pensions.

Lifetime allowance excess options to consider

As the lifetime allowance (LTA) has reduced more people have to decide the options they have concerning any pension fund excess they may have.
Sterling notes

Options for extracting company profits

Owners may consider ways of extracting profits from their company. Reasons for this action can range from preparing to wind-up or close the company to just extracting money for personal use in an efficient way
coloured housing

Let-to-buys more costly

HMRC consultation issued on 28 December 2015 reveals Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) increases for additional properties will catch all let-to-buys but not all buy-to-lets.
Euro Flags

EU succession laws

Those advising UK expats need to consider the implications of Brussels IV when advising their clients. Taking steps now may ensure that individuals avoid the possibility of Brussels IV impacting their succession plans.
Sale hangers

IHT planning and a discounted gift trust

The following article provides information about inheritance tax planning for UK domiciled individuals where a gift has been made and the individual still requires access to withdrawals.

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