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General comparison between QROPS for UK residents and non-residents

This tables shows a broad comparison of benefits (or not) of QROPS for UK residents and non-residents compared to a standard UK registered pension scheme. Topic:QROPS & QNUPS

Trusts in Spain

This article looks at how Spanish Gift and Inheritance Tax applies to the Spanish Collective Investment Bond held in an offshore trust. Topic:Trust Taxation
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Autumn Statement 2016

We weren’t expecting too many financial planning surprises in today’s Autumn Statement – and we weren’t disappointed by the new Chancellor, Philip Hammond. Much of the focus was on infrastructure and unlike his predecessor there was no big reveal. Topic:UK Budget
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QROPS and Chargeable Events

Our UK tax reporting obligations as an offshore insurance company in respect of QROPS investing into our offshore bonds, and taxation of the offshore investment bond held by a QROPS where the member has subsequently become UK resident. Topic:QROPS & QNUPS
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A simple view for order of gifting with PET’s and CLT’s during lifetime and the impact upon death

A simple summary of the potential tax consequences based on the order a donor makes an outright gift as a potentially exempt transfer (PET) or a chargeable lifetime transfer (CLT) in life and death. Topic:Lifetime Gifts

Lifetime ISA – A must for first time buyers

This article looks at the benefits of the Lifetime ISA which is due to launch on 6 April 2017 following the publication of the draft ISA Regulations 2017 on 27 October 2016. Topic:ISA

Is it all about the wrapping?

We are often asked whether a bond or a collective is the right choice for a particular client. This isn’t a new dilemma however; certain legislative changes have changed the comparisons slightly. Topic:Collectives
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Relevant Property Trusts - Principle Charge (10 year charge)

Post 21 March 2006 interest in possession and discretionary trusts (known collectively as relevant property trusts) are subject to a 10 year IHT charge known as the Principle Charge. This can be quite complex and offers a significant advice opportunity with your trust clients. Topic:Discretionary Trusts
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The mechanics of a flexible carve out trust – The Old Mutual Wealth Lifestyle Trust

We often are asked to explain what a ‘carve-out trust is. This is a trust which separates out different interests (or rights), some of which are generally held absolutely for the settlor of the trust. Topic:Lifestyle Trust
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Divorce and Pension Sharing Process in the UK

Prior to 1 December 2000, couples getting divorced in the UK had the option when considering their pension funds of either offsetting their pension benefits against other assets in their estate or applying an earmarking order. Both of these methods can have drawbacks for both parties. Topic:Planning Solutions

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