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Your new fast track to trusts

Providing the right trust solution to suit your client’s personal circumstances can be key to the success of their long-term financial strategy, and we’ve got the tools to make it a breeze.

A trust can enhance the tax-efficiency of the plans you put in place and help your clients preserve and grow their wealth whilst confident in the knowledge they will leave a legacy to the people they want to benefit. However, deciding which the right trust is and setting it up can be complex; from the sheer range of trusts available down to the technicalities of the paperwork involved.

That’s why we’ve created the Trustability Hub with support and tools to make the complex world of trusts clear, including our Trust Decision Tree and Form Finder.

When considering which trust is the right fit for your client, there are a number of factors to think through, such as whether the client is domiciled in the UK or not, if there is potential IHT liability, if the client requires an income from the trust, if they want flexibility to be able to change the beneficiaries in future, whether they want to avoid UK probate, and the list goes on.

The Trust Decision Tree is a new tool which asks straightforward questions you can answer with your client, to identify a trust which matches their circumstances and objectives. Then when you’ve agreed on the right trust, you can make use of our new time-saving Form Finder tool which, after just a few quick clicks, will equip you with all the paperwork you need to set up a trust solution with Old Mutual International Isle of Man Limited.

Start benefiting from our professional tools today by visiting then select your region and follow the link to the Trust Decision Tree.

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