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“One of the best” – Protect goes online

If you are familiar with our long-running Protect life and critical illness cover you’ll know that in the past we’ve favoured paper-based applications. While this approach used to be effective for higher sums assured or medical disclosures, online technology has come a long way, and systems such as UnderwriteMe are now able to make ever more sophisticated decisions instantly.

It’s hard then not to acknowledge the time saving provided by online applications – not only for the simplest of applications, but also for more complex cases. It’s for this reason we have developed Protect Quote and Apply, our new online application service.

Protect quote & apply videoProtect Quote and Apply offers you:

  • freedom from paper with no wet signatures required
  • fully underwritten applications
  • online tracking of quotes, applications and pipeline business
  • regular summary emails and progress updates
  • the ability to move back, forward and change answers
  • a way to apply for personal and business cover
  • time-saving features such as automatic GP surgery look-up
  • the option to create trust documents online.

We’re very proud of what we believe is one of the best online applications, but don’t just take our word for it; we’ve had some excellent feedback from the financial advisers on our pilot:

“The system is good, one of the best we’ve seen.”

“Very straightforward and easy to use – as good as the best of the other providers.”

Q: Does Protect Quote & Apply make Old Mutual Wealth easier to do business with?
A: “Emphatically Yes, 100%”

We’re confident you’ll be just as positive about the experience when you use it too.

You can find all the support material you need on our resource site, including guides to each step of the process. You’ll also find information on our Protect life and critical illness cover and our There for You support service.

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