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Power of attorney

Help your clients take control of their future – explain the benefits of power of attorney

When discussing your client’s needs, it is helpful to be aware of the benefits of a Lasting Power of Attorney which allows individuals to manage their approach to handing control to family, friends or a professional.
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The best of two products for IHT

Using a protection policy to cover a potential IHT liability is a straightforward solution and the normal go-to product is a whole of life policy. What if there was an alternative?
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Claims… myth or reality?

We take pride in the fact that we’ve been providing high quality life and critical illness cover to our customers for many years. But it’s not just the amount and quality of cover you're recommending that’s important.
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Protecting you and your Spouse/Partner

How Cover Continuation and Cover Re-instatement options can help ensure your clients can continue with their existing benefits, should they be unfortunate to have to claim on their policy.
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Are your clients familiar with the residence nil-rate band?

From this April the new RNRB will provide an additional £100,000 of relief if a property which has been lived in by the deceased at some point is passed on to a direct descendant. How does it work in practice?

Protect Quote and Apply

Time is money and we all know how technology is making things faster, better and more efficient, especially in business. Protect Quote and Apply is our online application service, which allows you to set up life and critical illness cover in minutes, for personal or business insurance and for multiple policies.
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Death and taxes: You know the quote

Benjamin Franklin’s quote from 1789 about death and taxes is much used in this industry. An overly used cliché? Possibly. As true now as it was then? Definitely. Where do the two meet? Inheritance Tax.
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We all need to take cover

With so many unpredictable factors in play, it’s clear that fixed term protection may not be able to fully address today’s real needs. But what about the alternative: renewable plans with low starting premiums?
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Business protection conversation starter

One of the biggest challenges we have is a lack of time. Many advisers tell us that they see the value of addressing business risk with their clients but struggle to initiate a conversation with clients.
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Protection: crucial decision

Here’s a puzzle: why do so few customers buy protection cover? It is estimated that just one in ten have critical illness or income protection in place.

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