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Investment planning

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Benefits of topping up an offshore bond - Time apportionment relief

If you have a client with additional money to invest, who already holds an offshore bond and has spent time overseas, there could be real advantages to topping up their offshore bond.

Benefits of topping up an offshore bond - Top-slicing relief

Top-slicing on offshore bonds is a well-known benefit. But less well-known is the fact that any top-up could also be take advantage of top-slicing relief from the inception of the bond.
Top-slicing relief

Top-slicing relief – don’t shortcut the calculation

If you are feeling confused on how to calculate top-slicing relief on bonds, this article should provide you with some clarity.
Redemption bonds

Offshore redemption bonds – helping to provide enhanced control and flexibility in IHT and generation planning

Offshore capital redemption bonds are growing in importance as advisers recognise the enhanced control and flexibility they can offer families, especially when it comes to inheritance tax and generation planning.
Myth Buster

Shattering preconceptions and seeing offshore bonds in a new light

Many financial advisers have preconceived ideas when it comes to offshore bonds and the type of clients they may be suitable for. However, the changing landscape and new breed of bond solutions are opening up greater opportunities, helping build renewed interest and traction in this market. The following points shatter some of these preconceptions, helping you see offshore bonds in a new light.
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The big squeeze

With pension allowances being squeezed find out how offshore bonds can help support retirement plans in a tax-effective way.
Child Money

The value of offshore bonds in inter-generational planning

A new breed of offshore bonds is opening up new opportunities for advisers, helping parents gain more control without compromising on tax efficiency or simplicity.

Why diversification works

The recent bumpy ride in financial markets has emphasised the importance of having an unconstrained investment approach within the Generation portfolios.
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The benefits of active portfolio management

At a time when the equity and bond trades are finally being questioned after a seemingly relentless march higher, active portfolio management is showing why it’s a great method of contending with a new environment of higher volatility, and greater regulation.
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Regulation, retirement, and risk

MiFID II has been the buzzword for the first quarter of 2018. As the dust settles, and we focus on the long term effects rather than the short term noise
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Regulation driving change

The impact of MiFID II and PRIIPs is still being felt by all in the financial services industry. From manufacturers and their interpretation of cost and charges disclosure, to advisers grappling with target market and client segmentation. Nathan John, Investment Marketing Manager, looks at the ways regulation is driving change and how this will play out over the next 12-18 months.

Invest early – help maximise your clients’ investments

Are you maximising the amount of time your client is invested? Do you know what notable difference it can make? If not, read on...
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Keeping investments on the right course

Our newly launched Old Mutual Compass Portfolios are designed to match clients’ investments to the level of volatility, or risk, with which they feel comfortable in scale of 2-5.

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