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JP Morgan US Growth Advantage Fund

Anchored in large-cap stocks, the JPMorgan US Growth Advantage Fund (Growth Advantage Fund) has the flexibility to pursue compelling growth opportunities across all market capitalisations. The fund does not have an explicit numerical return objective, but its investment objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation by constructing a fully invested, diversified portfolio of multi-capitalisation growth companies. The Growth Advantage strategy was launched in 2005, and has generated strong absolute and relative performance, as well as achieving a very competitive ranking vs. its peers.

The Growth Advantage Fund has been managed by Tim Parton* since the strategy was launched in 2005. Tim is a seasoned investor who has spent his entire investment career of 31 years with J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

“The fund’s investment philosophy** is based on our belief that a fundamental bottom-up approach focused on high quality growth stocks will deliver the most consistent returns over time.

While the Growth Advantage Fund is anchored in the large-cap space, a relaxed market-cap constraint enables us to own the strongest growth stocks across the large-, mid- and small-cap spectrum. This freedom is a key competitive advantage as it does not force us to sell winners due to market-cap limits and also gives us the opportunity to own the best ideas, irrespective of a company’s market-cap size.

Maintaining a high-quality bias, we seek to create a diversified portfolio of high-conviction growth stocks and we leverage the full depth and breadth of resources available on the US Growth platform at J.P Morgan Asset Management. In terms of our quality bias, we want to own companies with dominant and durable franchises, solid fundamentals, sustainable competitive advantages that are operated by talented management teams with the capacity to achieve sustainable growth.

As the lead portfolio manager on this fund, I am backed by the significant resources and insights of my US equity colleagues at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. We have experienced investors up and down the capitalisation spectrum, which includes over 40 US equity research analysts. In managing the fund, I draw heavily on the expertise of my colleagues in the US Growth team, which includes five small-/mid-cap growth analysts and five large-cap growth analysts. Having these significant resources at my disposal empowers me to find those best ideas for inclusion in the portfolio.

I am truly excited to be part of the compelling offering of funds on Old Mutual Wealth’s WealthSelect range and I hope this will be a long and rewarding partnership for all.”

Your investment may fall or rise in value and you may not get back what you put in

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