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JP Morgan US Growth Advantage Fund

Taking a fundamental bottom up approach, focused on high quality growth stocks, JP Morgan hope to deliver the most consistent returns over time. Topic:North American Equity
Variety of currencies

Focus on Newton's UK Opportunities Fund

Investment expert Nathan John looks at the fund’s investment approach which has a solid track record, forged by a consistent approach since inception in 2002. Topic:Global Equity

Focus On Schroder European Alpha Income Fund

Schroders fund manager James Sym explains the fund’s investment approach which has achieved fantastic capital growth and outperformance of both its benchmark and sector average for clients since its launch in 2012. Topic:Global Equity
Ballot Box

Trump inauguration investing in the era of ‘The Donald’

The uncertainty surrounding the new US president’s plans reinforces our belief in the validity of seeking to position our portfolios to perform well under a variety of scenarios. Topic:Multi-Asset
Itailian flag

Italian banks: kicking the can (again)

As far as Italian bank reform is concerned, the result of Sunday’s referendum means that nothing has really changed, and as such the status quo will prevail, explain OMGI’s Richard Buxton and Rob James. Topic:Global Equity
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Italy’s outlook darkens even as markets shrug off referendum

Italy’s government bond market faces multiple risk from the country’s politics, troubled banking sector and growth outlook, says Nick Wall. Topic:Global Equity
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Investment reactions

Links to expert assessment, opinion and commentary that will help answer some of the questions you and your clients may have about the implications of the result of the US Presidential Election. Topic:North American Equity
Flip flops

Fed flip-flopping warrants caution

The US monetary guardian has undermined a key plank of support for emerging market equities, justifying a cautious stance towards the asset class. Topic:Emerging Markets

Low tide for deflation?

Recent economic data suggest the odds that deflation will strike large parts of the global economy may be declining, according to Anthony Gillham, co-head of multi-asset at Old Mutual Wealth’s Investment Division. Topic:Multi-Asset
Mountain climber

Meeting inflation targets a harder task

High levels of production capacity, coupled with a softening in demand for ‘stuff’ generally, is making the task of central bankers in meeting their inflation targets ever harder, argues Richard Buxton, head of UK equities. Old Mutual Global Investors. Topic:UK Equity

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