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Tax-year end? Don’t forget tax-year beginning

Maximising the amount of time your client is invested for can make a notable difference to their investments. It’s the same reason that platform features like prefunding tax relief, switches, and investments are so important.
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Making the basics brilliant – four key questions that advisers are asking their clients ahead of tax year end 

The clock is ticking on the 2017/18 tax year. Here are four questions which could serve as a useful framework for your tax-year end conversations with your clients.

Due diligence that supports your client relationship

Andy McGeown, Platform expert, explains why it’s so important to assess the ‘soft’ benefits for your clients and highlights some of the recent changes we’ve made to improve our service offering.
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What do paraplanners think of Old Mutual Wealth?

Andy McGeown, Investment expert, explores what the readers of Professional Paraplanner think of Old Mutual Wealth.

Supporting your due diligence with gold standard service

Andy McGeown, Investment expert, looks at how our 2017 Defaqto 'Gold' rated level service for Protection, Onshore Bond, Pension and Platform can help justifying your choice of using us for due diligence purposes.
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Key dates to look out for in 2017

Technical Manager, Rachael Griffin, looks ahead to some of the key dates and events that will be happening over the next twelve months.
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Showing your worth

If you’re a longstanding supporter of Old Mutual Wealth you’ll know we believe in the value of financial advice. But a challenge that still exists for many advisers is conveying the importance, worth, and cost of service.
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Cost is key barrier to more consumers taking financial advice

Perceived cost of financial advice is main factor discouraging people from seeing an adviser. Consumers have unrealistic expectations about price they can expect to pay for the service.
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Starting the conversation: kill the jargon and listen!

Getting a client to open up about their hopes for the future, as well as their immediate financial needs, takes practice, patience and people skills. Top advisers explain how they begin that process.
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Where is advice going?

Predicting the future. Tighter international regulations and increasing consumer expectations will bring greater disclosure and transparency as advisers move towards building more sustainable business.

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