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Over 5,500 IHT investigations opened by HMRC in 18/19

Over 5,500 IHT investigations opened by HMRC in 18/19

With a rise in the number of IHT investigations opened by HMRC in recent years, it is more important than ever that advisers are able to help their clients. Topic:Trust & Taxation
View of inheritance tax report

Office of Tax Simplification Report on IHT issued

The long-awaited report outlining proposals to simplify the UK’s inheritance tax (IHT) system has finally been published. This article takes a look at the key proposals and the potential impact they could have. Topic:Trust & Taxation
Redemption bonds

Offshore redemption bonds – helping to provide enhanced control and flexibility in IHT and generation planning

Offshore capital redemption bonds are growing in importance as advisers recognise the enhanced control and flexibility they can offer families, especially when it comes to inheritance tax and generation planning. Topic:Investment planning
Top-slicing relief

Top-slicing relief – don’t shortcut the calculation

If you are feeling confused on how to calculate top-slicing relief on bonds, this article should provide you with some clarity. Topic:Investment planning
Power of attorney

Help your clients take control of their future – explain the benefits of power of attorney

When discussing your client’s needs, it is helpful to be aware of the benefits of a Lasting Power of Attorney which allows individuals to manage their approach to handing control to family, friends or a professional. Topic:Protection
Myth Buster

Shattering preconceptions and seeing offshore bonds in a new light

Many financial advisers have preconceived ideas when it comes to offshore bonds and the type of clients they may be suitable for. However, the changing landscape and new breed of bond solutions are opening up greater opportunities, helping build renewed interest and traction in this market. The following points shatter some of these preconceptions, helping you see offshore bonds in a new light. Topic:Investment planning
How parents could be risking their children’s inheritance

How parents could be risking their children’s inheritance

Having worked hard to build their wealth, parents naturally want to protect it and see it eventually pass to their children. However, parents could potentially be just three bad decisions away from risking their children’s inheritance, and leaving them with nothing. Topic:Trust & Taxation
Appointing family members as trustees

Appointing family members as trustees, what could possibly go wrong?

All too often, when clients set up a trust, they will appoint family members to act as trustees. Clients need to be encouraged to carefully consider this decision, as the role of trustee carries with it a number of responsibilities. Topic:Trust & Taxation
The 10 year charge on trusts - three key tips for advisers

The 10 year charge on trusts - three key tips for advisers

Financial advisers who recommend discretionary trusts to their clients have a fantastic opportunity at the 10 year anniversary to meet with them and offer them some valuable advice. Here are three tips to help advisers maximise the opportunity, and to help ensure it doesn’t become a headache for their clients. Topic:Trust & Taxation
FCA pension transfer changes

FCA pension transfer changes

Ian Browne, pensions expert, summarises the five main points of the changes from the recent Financial Conduct Authority 34-page policy statement. Topic:Retirement

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