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Child Money

The value of offshore bonds in inter-generational planning

A new breed of offshore bonds is opening up new opportunities for advisers, helping parents gain more control without compromising on tax efficiency or simplicity. Topic:Investment planning

Why diversification works

The recent bumpy ride in financial markets has emphasised the importance of having an unconstrained investment approach within the Generation portfolios. Topic:Investment planning
Couple meeting adviser

The benefits of active portfolio management

At a time when the equity and bond trades are finally being questioned after a seemingly relentless march higher, active portfolio management is showing why it’s a great method of contending with a new environment of higher volatility, and greater regulation. Topic:Investment planning
Completing forms

Regulation, retirement, and risk

MiFID II has been the buzzword for the first quarter of 2018. As the dust settles, and we focus on the long term effects rather than the short term noise Topic:Investment planning

Tax-year end? Don’t forget tax-year beginning

Maximising the amount of time your client is invested for can make a notable difference to their investments. It’s the same reason that platform features like prefunding tax relief, switches, and investments are so important. Topic:Financial advice
Young couple

Making the basics brilliant – four key questions that advisers are asking their clients ahead of tax year end 

The clock is ticking on the 2017/18 tax year. Here are four questions which could serve as a useful framework for your tax-year end conversations with your clients. Topic:Financial advice
Glasses and pen

Regulation driving change

The impact of MiFID II and PRIIPs is still being felt by all in the financial services industry. From manufacturers and their interpretation of cost and charges disclosure, to advisers grappling with target market and client segmentation. Nathan John, Investment Marketing Manager, looks at the ways regulation is driving change and how this will play out over the next 12-18 months. Topic:Investment planning
Group of people

The best of two products for IHT

Using a protection policy to cover a potential IHT liability is a straightforward solution and the normal go-to product is a whole of life policy. What if there was an alternative? Topic:Protection
People around a desk

Centralised retirement propositions: new problems need new solutions

Deciding how to use pension savings is one of the most important financial decisions people will make in their lives... consumers need to manage longevity and investment risks by choosing appropriate investment and withdrawal strategies. Topic:Retirement
Woman in window

Gifts into property trusts can cause a lifetime charge

Rachael Griffin, tax and financial planning expert, walks through a case study which shows the effect of making multiple gifts for inheritance tax purposes and the impact on the order in which they are made. Topic:Trust & Taxation

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