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Chargeable gains calculator

The tool covers three methods of surrender: full bond surrender, partial surrender across all policies, and full surrender of one or more individual policies. You can view short tutorial videos on how to use the calculator here.

You will need the:

  • start date of the bond
  • premiums that have been paid, including:
    • dates of premiums
    • amounts – net of initial adviser fees (commission is ignored)
  • surrender value
  • number of individual policies (segments) at inception and today
  • date of each previous individual policy (segment) surrender, as well as the number of policies surrendered on each occasion
  • total partial withdrawals for each policy year, including:
    • adviser fees (but not commission)
    • regular withdrawals
    • ad hoc lump sums (not policy/segment surrenders)
    • a breakdown of the dates of each partial withdrawal in that policy year, where there have been previous individual policy (segment) surrenders
  • previous chargeable gain certificates – for excess events (exceeding the 5% allowance) only.

Support videos

These videos demonstrate how to use the Old Mutual Wealth chargeable gain calculator, a tool which allows you to calculate the chargeable gain on a UK investment bond.

How to use the chargeable
gain calculator
- Full bond surrender

How to use the chargeable gain calculator - Partial surrenders across all policies

How to use the Chargeable Gain Calculator – Full Surrender of one or more individual policies

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