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Analysing investments at the touch of a button

U-Scan is Old Mutual Wealth’s sophisticated investment analysis tool. It allows you to study the underlying assets of existing Old Mutual Wealth client accounts, model portfolios, individual funds or all of a client's existing unit-linked holdings.

U-Scan gives you interactive cumulative performance charts and risk/return data, a breakdown of a portfolio’s underlying holdings by asset class, geographical region and stock sector, listing the top ten holdings and their stock overlaps.

For account reviews, you can choose to exclude the most recent switch from the report, or add in a fictional switch to show the performance had it taken place.

For reports on model portfolios, the switching history can be included or excluded in the performance charts; one or more transactions excluded; and fictional switches can be added at a date of your choice.

These extra features can really bring to life the value of your investment process and advice to your client.

Two different U-Scan reports are available to suit your needs:

  • A financial adviser report – providing comprehensive detail for your analysis.
  • Client report – designed specifically to provide a useful summary that can be branded with your logo, which you can present back to your clients.

We have produced portfolio Uscan reports for the WealthSelect Managed Portfolios to allow you to use them as part of your due diligence or research processes.

U-Scan is fully integrated into the platform and Adviser View.

A detailed factsheet on the features and assumptions used in the UScan tool is available here.

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