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Platform user guides

Old Mutual Wealth’s platform is the online service you can use to apply for and transact business with:

  • Old Mutual Wealth Limited (which offers the ISA and Collective Investment Account)
  • Old Mutual Wealth Life & Pensions Limited (offers the Collective Investment Bond and Collective Retirement Account).
  • Collective Retirement Account - New Business and Top-Up investment - Application and Illustration User Guide

    A step by step guide to inputting and illustrating a new business application or top-up investment for the Collective Retirement Account. 

  • New investment: Collective Investment Bond

    A step-by-step guide to inputting a new online Collective Investment Bond application.

  • Collective Retirement Account - Illustrate Tax Free Cash and/or Income User Guide

    A step by step guide to providing a range of illustrations for immediate access to tax-free cash and/or income withdrawals from the suite of retirement income options now available through the Collective Retirement Account, including tax-efficient regular income.

  • Switch by clients

    This guide explains how to:

    - Switch out of all funds for selected clients or their specific accounts into a new fund split

    - Optionally update or set up automatic rebalancing instructions through the switch route


    - Redirect future regular contributions into a new fund split

  • Swap investment range user guide

    Explanation of how to swap from the SelfSelect investment range into the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service.

  • Old Mutual Wealth’s online platform and your back-office software user guide

    This guide shows you how to link your chosen back-office software with the Old Mutual Wealth online platform.

  • Old Mutual Wealth platform – how to generate a no change projection user guide

    This guide shows you how to generate no change projections for your clients.

  • Building portfolios on Old Mutual Wealth’s platform


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