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Online customer centre user guides

The online Customer Centre allows your client to view current valuations of their accounts with Old Mutual Wealth, and complete some basic transactions. The site is easy to use, but we have created some user guides to help customers, just in case.

If you wish to promote the benefits of the online Customer Centre to your clients, you can use this flyer.

The top up application service is optional for financial advisers, and allows clients to top up their ISA or Collective Investment Account online into their existing fund choice, with no initial adviser fee. The service is not available for Collective Retirement Accounts or Collective Investment Bonds.

We will only turn the service on at your request for your clients that have registered to use the online Customer Centre. To do this, please contact us.

  • Change my Funds for ISA CIA, CIB and CRA

    This guide explains how to change funds within an account on Old Mutual Wealth’s online platform, using the online Customer Centre.

  • Top up the Collective Investment Account

    This guide explains how to top up a Collective Investment Account using the online Customer Centre.


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