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Generic trust & assignment documents

  • A guide to investment for trustees

    This guide is designed to highlight some key aspects of investment for trustees.

  • Customer privacy notice

    How we collect, manage, store and use your clients' personal information. 

  • A simple trust glossary

    This is a glossary to cover terms that are widely used in relation to trusts.

  • Chargeable events for assignments relating to divorce court or dissolution orders

    This document outlines HMRC requirements for chargeable events reporting following divorce.

  • Deed appointing additional trustees

    Document for appointing extra trustees to an existing trust arrangement.

  • Deed appointing additional trustees (Scotland)

    Document for appointing extra trustees to an existing trust arrangement - (Scottish version)

  • Finance act 2009 changes - removal of personal allowance for 2010/11 tax year

    This document provides information about the changes brought in with the Finance Act in 2009.

  • Financial planning health check - opportunities for advice in 2011

    This document, published at the beginning of 2011, provides information and suggestions about opportunites for advice in 2011.

  • Managing pre 22 March 2006 interest in possession and accumulation and maintenance trusts

    This document outlines the legislation affecting pre 22 March 2006 trusts introduced in Finance Act 2006.

  • Normal expenditure - draft letter to donee

    This document is provided as a draft to help advisers and their clients document their use of the normal expenditure out of income exemption.

  • Draft letter of wishes

    This document is provided as a draft for consideration by the settlor'/settlors' legal advisers.

  • Your guide to UK inheritance tax and trusts

    This guide is designed to give you a basic understanding of inheritance tax and how you could reduce your inheritance tax liability in order to pass on as much wealth as possible.

  • Old Mutual Wealth protection trust

    This form can be used to put your clients death benefit in trust but retain any critical illness benefit for themselves.


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