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  • Qualifying Policy Statement

    This form must be completed where changes are made to qualifying policies to ensure we maintain a record of the qualifying status of the plan.

    The information is required by HM Revenue & Customs. Completion is compulsory where changes are made from 6 April 2013 and must be done within three months of the date of the change.

  • Comprehensive declaration of health

    To be used for all non standard increases (increases over and above the standard inflation option) and reinstatements (recommencing a paid up policy) for both life and pensions, also in new business cases where existing evidence is out of date and new evidence may be required.

  • Declaration of continuing good health

    For new business only, to be used when applications and acceptance of terms are out of date, this form is used to provide Old Mutual Wealth with confirmation of a change in the client's health since the application was originally dated or the underwriting decision was made.

  • Delegated switching authority

    This form is used to delegate switching authority to an authorised third party, other than your financial adviser.

  • Fund switching authority

    This form is used to provide switching authority to your nominated financial adviser so that they can switch funds within your policy on your behalf.

  • Withdrawal/closure form

    You can use this form to close your Skandia Lifetime Plan or The Skandia Plan.

  • Old Mutual Wealth fund switch form

    This form is used to switch funds in Old Mutual Wealth's life and pension plans.


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