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Group Trustee Executive Pension

These products are administered by Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Ltd which is part of the ReAssure Group.

  • Customer privacy notice

    How we collect, manage, store and use your clients' personal information. 

  • Acceptance of delegated powers

    This form is to be completed to show that a member of a Group Trustee Executive Pension accepts the delegation of powers to amend the investment choice of the Group Trustee Executive Pension in place of the trustees.

  • Delegation of powers

    This form is to be completed to confirm that Trustees of a Group Trustee Executive Pension scheme authorise the scheme members to carry out switches and redirections of the investment funds held in the member’s name and to receive details of the plan held in their name.

  • Notification of termination of employment

    This form is to be completed to notify Old Mutual Wealth of your termination of employment when you are a member of an occupational pension scheme.

  • Annuity Purchase from Heritage pension contracts

    This form is to be used where a client wishes to crystallise benefits from their Old Mutual Wealth Heritage pension contract and purchase a lifetime annuity using the Open Market Option facility available under the relevant product. Where applicable, Old Mutual Wealth will pay any pension commencement lump sum associated with the crystallisation event.


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