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Withdrawal forms and Support material

  • A guide to income tax and your pension

    A client facing information document to help your clients understand the possible tax due on their pension withdrawal(s), how the tax is taken, and where they can check that the tax is correct.

  • Instruction to take tax-free cash and income withdrawals – For Capped and Flexi-Access Drawdown

    This is to be completed where a client wishes to:

    - Crystallise funds and enter income drawdown or

    - Designate further uncrystallised funds within a client’s Collective Retirement Account to provide additional tax free cash and/or income drawdown.

    Not to be used for setting-up Tax Efficient Regular Income. instead use Tax Efficient Regular Income Options Form.

    Not to be used where the client wishes to withdraw an ad-hoc payment made up of taxable income and tax free cash from uncrystallised funds. Instead use Partial Withdrawal Form.

  • Taking a partial withdrawal – Uncrystallised Funds only

    This is to be completed where a client wishes to take ad-hoc payments made up of taxable income and tax free cash from uncrystallised funds.

    Not to be used where clients with to take a one off tax free cash payment but no income from the flexi-access drawdown funds. Intead use: Instruction to take Tax Free Cash & Income withdrawals

  • Taking a full withdrawal

    Use this form when you require the full value held within the CRA to be paid as a tax free lump sum and/or taxed income. This form can be used for crystallised and uncrystallised values.


  • Benefit crystallisation event request - Annuity purchase

    Use this form when your client wishes to take income through the purchase of an annuity or partial annuity from another pension provider using the Open Market Option facility within the Collective Retirement Account.

  • Small pension fund lump sum payment - for use with the Collective Retirement Account

    This form is used to request the payment of benefits under the small pension fund lump sum rules.

  • Income Instruction Form

    This is to be used to change the income withdrawal instruction on your Collective Retirement Account, for both capped and flexi-access drawdown options.

  • Collective Retirement Account - Separate your crystallised and uncrystallised funds

    Where a Collective Retirement Account includes both uncrystallised and crystallised funds these must be separated where fund specific income withdrawals are required.

    The purpose of this form is to instruct us to separate your crystallised and uncrystallised funds.

    For details of any other requirements, please refer to page one of this document.

  • Power of attorney form

    Completing this form will allow one or more people to be nominated to act as attorney on a bond or account.

  • Old Mutual Wealth’s Reasons Why – Collective Retirement Account

    This document is designed for use by Financial Advisers only and should not be relied on by anyone else. The statements will help in the preparation of marketing material and ‘Reasons Why’ letters, to help you communicate to your clients the benefits of investing with Old Mutual Wealth in respect of their pension savings using the Collective Retirement Account.

  • Tax Efficient Regular Income Options- Instruction Form

    This form is to instruct payment of tax-efficient regular monthly income withdrawals from uncrystallised savings within the Collective Retirement Account.

  • The Collective Retirement Account-Income Choices for all seasons

    A booklet outlining the full range of income options available within the Collective Retirement Account – who they might be suitable for and how the different options can be used in conjunction to deliver changing income needs of clients in the future.


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