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New money forms and Support material

  • Customer privacy notice

    How we collect, manage, store and use your clients' personal information. 

  • Beneficiary flexi-access drawdown application

    Application to apply funds on death as beneficiary flexi-access drawdown. Also to be used for transfers of beneficiary flexi-access or pre-6/4 2015 dependants capped or flexi-access drawdown funds from other registered pension schemes.

  • Old Mutual Wealth's platform Reasons Why

    This document is designed for use by Financial Advisers only and should not be relied on by anyone else. The statements will help in the preparation of marketing material and ‘Reasons Why’ letters, to help you communicate to your clients the benefits of investing with Old Mutual Wealth.

  • Partnership form

    Use this form where the client is a partner making net contributions from a partnership bank account.

  • Family linking request

    This form can be used to request a link to other eligible investors on Old Mutual Wealth's platform for the purpose of calculating the service/product Charge (Charge basis 3).

  • Ongoing Adviser Fee Authorisation

    Use this form to provide authorisation to pay upfront fees as well as ongoing fees agreed with your clients from their ISA/CIA/CIB/CRA investments; you can also convert CRA investments to Charge Basis 3 at the same time if required.  It also caters for ad hoc fees for re-registration but if you have agreed an ad hoc fee with your clients for something other than this, please use our separate Ad Hoc Fee Authorisation Form.

  • Ad Hoc Fee Authorisation

    For ad hoc fees relating to re-registration, please use our Ongoing Adviser Fee Authorisation form.

    Use this form to provide authorisation to pay ad hoc fees agreed with your clients from their ISA/CIA/CIB/CRA investments; ad hoc fees can be requested as a monetary amount or as a percentage of the entire account/bond value.

  • Data capture form - Collective Retirement Account

    Handy form for you to gather details to later input online on the platform - use this version for the Collective Retirement Account.

  • Important notes for debit card payments

    This document provides you with important information to consider when making debit card payments.

  • Power of attorney form

    Completing this form will allow one or more people to be nominated to act as attorney on a bond or account.

  • Confirmation of verification of identity (COVI)

    Use this form to provide the necessary identity information and verification of identity to support a new application. Don't use this with the Offshore Collective Investment Bond - there's a separate form for this.

  • Investment continuation form

    Provide additional fund choice details if you have run out of space on an application form.

  • Transferring scheme authority for use with the Collective Retirement Account

    Use this form to transfer a pension plan with another provider into the Collective Retirement Account.

  • Expression of wish

    Use this form to nominate one or more individuals, trusts or charities to receive benefits from the account/plan in the event of the death of the account/plan holder.

    For use with the Collective Retirement Account, Personal Pension, Executive Pension, Personal Pension Income Plan and Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution Contract.

  • Employer payer form

    This form is to be completed by an employer who is making contributions to a Collective Retirement Account.

  • Application for the Collective Retirement Account

    This is our application form for the Collective Retirement Account.

    It can be used for new business, additional investments and pension transfers. In addition it can be used to request immediate maximum tax-free cash and income withdrawal for any lump sum investment or transfer as detailed in the completed application.

  • Defined Benefit Transfers : Your Guide to Understanding OMW Pension Transfer Analysis (TVAS) report

    This document helps the understanding of the key elements of the Old Mutual Wealth Transfer Analysis Report  output produced  in relation to any client’s defined benefit scheme entitlement we are asked to analyse.

  • TVAS checklist

    The information requested in the TVAS submission checklist will enable Old Mutual Wealth to provide an accurate transfer analysis report for review with your client.


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