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  • Statement

    This form must be completed where changes are made to qualifying policies to ensure we maintain a record of the qualifying status of the plan.

    The information is required by HM Revenue & Customs. Completion is compulsory where changes are made from 6 April 2013 and must be done within three months of the date of the change.

  • Adviser Fund switching authority

    This form is used to provide switching authority to your nominated financial adviser so that they can switch funds within your policy on your behalf.

  • Delegated switching authority

    This form is used to delegate switching authority to an authorised third party, other than your financial adviser.

  • Old Mutual Wealth Life fund switch form

    This form is used to switch funds in Old Mutual Wealth's life and pension plans.

  • Cashing in your Maximum Investment Plan

    This form is used to partially or fully encash your Maximum Investment Plan.

  • Your Maximum Investment Plan maturity payment instruction

    This form is used to instruct Old Mutual Wealth how the maturity payment of your Maximum Investment Plan policy/ies should be paid.

  • Old Mutual Wealth withdrawal/closure form

    For use with products with the following prefixes: CAP, TSP, MIP, PPP, SEP, SLP, SIB, CAB, HIB, EAB, APB, CIB*, SDB and FIB

    *CIB is the Capital Investment Bond, not the Collective Investment Bond, for which there is a separate form.

    (There is a separate form for Old Mutual Wealth pension products)


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