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  • Converting to Charge Basis 2 or 3

    Use this form to convert an account/bond to Charge Basis 2 or 3* when you are not going to set up any new fees. If you wish to set up or amend existing fees then please use the Adviser Fee Authorisation form.

    *Conversion to Charge Basis 3 is not available for the Collective Investment Bond (CIB)

  • Ongoing Adviser Fee Authorisation

    Use this form to provide authorisation to pay upfront fees as well as ongoing fees agreed with your clients from their ISA/CIA/CIB/CRA investments; you can also convert CRA investments to Charge Basis 3 at the same time if required.  It also caters for ad hoc fees for re-registration but if you have agreed an ad hoc fee with your clients for something other than this, please use our separate Ad Hoc Fee Authorisation Form.

  • Investment continuation form

    Provide additional fund choice details if you have run out of space on an application form.

  • Family linking request

    This form can be used to request a link to other eligible investors on Old Mutual Wealth's platform for the purpose of calculating the service/product Charge (Charge basis 3).

  • Confirmation of verification of identity (COVI)

    Use this form to provide the necessary identity information and verification of identity to support a new application. Don't use this with the Offshore Collective Investment Bond - there's a separate form for this.

  • Third-party payer form

    Use this form to accompany applications where a third party is paying the investment amount.

  • Power of attorney form

    Completing this form will allow one or more people to be nominated to act as attorney on a bond or account.

  • Automatic rebalancing instruction

    Use this form to apply or reinstate the automatic rebalancing option to your account or bond.

  • Switch/redirection request

    You can use this form to switch funds within the SelfSelect or WealthSelect investment range or to swap from one range to another.

    Please note transactions involving the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service can only be carried out by advisers online.

  • Change of name and/or address

    Use this form to change your name and/or address for your account(s)/bond(s).

  • Ad Hoc Fee Authorisation

    For ad hoc fees relating to re-registration, please use our Ongoing Adviser Fee Authorisation form.

    Use this form to provide authorisation to pay ad hoc fees agreed with your clients from their ISA/CIA/CIB/CRA investments; ad hoc fees can be requested as a monetary amount or as a percentage of the entire account/bond value.

  • Change of Adviser Firm

    This form can be used to transfer a customer’s servicing rights to your firm, as well as any commission or adviser fees already in place.  It can also be used to appoint a temporary financial adviser for a defined benefit transfer.


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