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Old Mutual Spectrum funds

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The Spectrum multi-manager fund range enables you to outsource asset allocation, fund selection and rebalancing within a single solution.

Tailored and effortless, the funds are risk-targeted to cater for the needs of over 95% of investors (those with a risk level of 3-8 on the Old Mutual Wealth risk scale). Unlike most other funds that are risk-rated, Spectrum funds have defined volatility targets. This means they can be matched more closely to clients' risk levels on an ongoing basis.

The Spectrum range is actively managed by Old Mutual Wealth Investment Division, comprising of Old Mutual Global Investors and Quilter Cheviot. Assets are selected from an unconstrained, global investment universe, including some ‘boutique’ fund groups, as well as the more well-known asset management names, giving access to specialist managers not readily available to the retail market.

The manager uses a proven and established risk profiling and strategic asset allocation model developed with and supported by Towers Watson, which aims to maximise the expected return for a given level of risk. Tactical asset allocation is also employed to improve returns where the manager sees opportunities. Funds are reviewed quarterly to make sure that asset allocations reflect long-term volatility targets, keeping them current and appropriate for each risk level.

Key benefits of the Spectrum fund range:

  • A ready-made, packaged solution
    Clients benefit from a balanced, diversified range of investments achieved through one packaged fund; advisers save time and expense by outsourcing portfolio construction and monitoring.
  • CGT friendly
    There is no CGT liability arising from changes to the underlying holdings within Spectrum funds.
  • Competitively priced
    Spectrum compares favourably with other packaged multi manager solutions.
  • Flexibility
    Funds from the Spectrum range can be held alongside other funds within the same Old Mutual Wealth product.
  • Track record
    The award-winning multi-asset team at Old Mutual Global Investors has a long and successful performance track record.
  • Best investment opportunities
    As well as a strategic asset allocation, the funds use tactical asset allocation to exploit shorter-term opportunities, with the flexibility to use derivatives and alternatives.

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