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Multi-asset solutions

To help meet the needs of your clients, we have a range of solutions focused on generating great outcomes. Our investment solutions, managed by Quilter Investors, cater for different clients’ needs in terms of investment choice, management style, and cost.


Open market
For clients who seek the potential for higher levels of outperformance from the widest investment universe and toolkit, we have Cirilium Active.

Global Partners
For your clients who seek cost-effective access to market-leading fund managers with a strong competitive edge, our Global Partners range features some of the industry's leading fund managers and best known asset management brands.

This includes our fully active, discretionary investment management service, WealthSelect, and our Creation Portfolios - a range of diversified, risk-targeted, multi-asset portfolios, delivered via fund structures.

Our passive portfolio, Cirilium Passive, provides a reliable solution for clients who want to reduce costs, with the potential for slow and steady returns.


Our Generation portfolios are a flexible and bespoke solution for investors approaching or at retirement. Their aim is to address retirement challenges by generating an income to help support your client’s lifestyle, while helping to safeguard their money against inflation and ensure that it lasts as long as they need it.

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An active range of diversified, risk-targeted, multi-asset funds, investing in a wider investment universe.

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An active range of diversified, risk-targeted, multi-asset funds, investing in Global Partners and direct assets.

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An active, risk-targeted, and product-optimised discretionary investment management service investing in Global Partners.

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A range of three multi-asset funds. They target inflation beating returns, whilst actively managing downside risk.

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Quilter Investors

Quilter Investors aim to deliver institutional-quality asset management to the retail investor. They create and manage innovative solutions to help you and your clients prosper.

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Portfolio explorer

Portfolio Explorer provides all the help and support you need to find the right solution for your clients. Best viewed in Google Chrome.


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