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Every client is different and has different needs and budgets, so making sure you can match their needs with an appropriate investment solution is crucial.

Assessing suitability

When assessing suitability, your investment recommendation must take into account not only your client’s attitude to risk, capacity for loss, investment horizon, and need for access to capital, but also a range of other factors, including their:

  • attitude to cost
  • preference for investment breadth
  • investment knowledge and experience
  • need for involvement in investment decisions
  • requirement for reviews.

We have a range of different investment options available, whether you are constructing investment portfolios yourself or outsourcing portfolio construction to our range of market-leading multi-asset solutions.

Multi-asset solutions


We have a range of funds and portfolios – from sophisticated solutions with a wide investment toolkit that provide the potential for greater returns and excellent value solutions built using our range of Global Partners funds, to low-cost options with a refined choice for clients who need something simpler.


Our decumulation investment solutions have been designed to meet the challenges laid down by the introduction of the new pension freedoms, offering a flexible and bespoke solution for retirement targeting inflation beating returns whilst actively managing downside risk.


The SelfSelect fund range offers a choice of over 1,200 funds to build bespoke or pre-defined portfolios. If you choose to build your clients’ portfolios, the 'Support with Funds and Portfolios' page on our website and the tools on our platform are designed to help you to make robust and appropriate fund recommendations.

Our goal is to give you flexibility in the way you match the investment choices you make against the needs of your clients. The solutions we provide offer you the range of strategies to either build bespoke portfolios or to outsource this to us.

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