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Standard asset allocations

Once you have an asset allocation appropriate for your client’s level of risk, you may then wish to adjust it to the client’s investment product.

We offer asset allocations that already do this for you; if you are self-building a portfolio, we provide regularly updated standard asset allocation tables broken down by product and risk level to reflect the tax treatment of certain asset classes within different products. Our Managed Portfolio Service is also product-optimised to be as tax-efficient as possible.

The asset allocation targets are tailored depending on whether clients invest through a pension, ISA or investment bond, to help maximise overall returns. For example, there is no tax on interest within an ISA or pension which makes fixed interest more attractive than cash at lower risk levels.

The asset allocations are subject to change without notice. International equity has been excluded from the yield investor asset allocations due to the relatively low income of the funds in this asset class.

Follow the links below to view the latest asset allocation charts and tables for each product sector, or you can view and print the full version of the Standard asset allocations document.

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