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Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
JPM New Europe Objective and Investment Policy change Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited and Old Mutual Wealth's platform 30 Sep 2015
Old Investment Objective & Policy

To provide long-term capital growth by investing primarily in companies operating or investing in central and eastern Europe and Russia. The fund will invest in companies that are incorporated under the laws of, and have their registered office in an Emerging European country or Russia, or that derive the predominant part of their economic activity from Emerging European countries and/or Russia, even if listed elsewhere. The fund will have exposure to smaller companies.

New Investment Objective & Policy

To achieve a long-term total return (the combination of income and growth of capital) by investing mainly in collective investment schemes. No more than 30% of the Sub-fund will be invested in schemes whose predominant exposure is to equities.

The Sub-fund invests in other funds which use active and passive management approaches in order to provide well-diversified, indirect exposure to global fixed income and variable rate assets, cash, near cash, equities and/or immovable property. Typically, the Sub-fund will have a higher exposure to lower risk assets such as fixed income assets, cash and near cash. The Sub-fund will concentrate on delivering returns from the Portfolio Manager’s asset allocation decisions and the selection of a focused range of funds and fund management groups (which may include other funds managed by the Portfolio Manager).

The Sub-fund may also invest directly in other assets such as transferable securities, cash and near cash, deposits, warrants and money market instruments. Derivative instruments may be used for efficient portfolio management only.

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