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JPM Multi Asset Macro funds objective details 

1. Fund details  
Companies impacted Old Mutual Wealth Limited
Old Mutual Wealth Life & Pensions Limited
Fund Group JPMorgan Funds Ltd
Fund Name JPM Multi Asset Macro
Type of change Name & objective change
Date change effective from 1 Feb 2016
Is the event subject to shareholder approval? No
2. Name change details  
Previous fund name JPM Multi Asset Macro
New fund name JPM Global Macro Opportunities
3. Fund objectives  
Previous fund objective To provide positive investment returns over rolling 12 month periods in any market conditions. There is no guarantee that positive investment returns will be achieved over this period or any time period and your capital is in fact at risk.

The Investment Adviser manages the fund with a high level of discretion to try to achieve this aim. The Investment Adviser will seek to exploit market inefficiencies through active asset allocation to various asset classes and security selection within them.
New fund objective To provide positive investment returns over a rolling 3 year period in all market conditions by investing in securities globally, using financial derivative instruments where appropriate. A positive return is not guaranteed over this or any time period and a capital loss may occur.

The Investment Adviser uses an investment process based on macroeconomic research to identify global themes and opportunities. The Investment Adviser uses a flexible asset allocation approach using a broad range of asset classes, instruments and techniques.

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