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Martin Currie Emerging Markets Fund Details

1. Fund details  
Companies impacted Old Mutual Wealth Limited
Old Mutual Wealth Life & Pensions Limited
Old Mutual International Guernsey Limited
Fund Group Martin Currie Fund Management Limited
Fund Name Martin Currie Emerging Markets
Type of change Merger
Date merger effective from 29 June 2015
Deadline for investors to switch out if appropriate 25 June 2015
Is the event subject to shareholder approval? Yes
Will the event result in a Charge Basis change for CIA and ISA clients on Charge Basis 1 or 2? Yes
2. Merger details  
Name of the new fund (the fund that the previous fund is being merged into) Legg Mason IF Martin Currie Emerging Markets
Will the phasing option automatically continue with the new fund replacing the previous fund? Yes
Will the rebalancing option automatically continue with the new fund replacing the previous fund? Yes
Will ongoing direct debit payments automatically be redirected into the new fund? Yes
3. Fund objectives  
Previous fund objective To produce long term capital growth by investment in a portfolio of securities worldwide in any economic sector, but it is anticipated that investment will generally be concentrated in what the investment manager considers to be the smaller and developing markets around the world.
New fund objective To achieve long-term capital growth through investment in emerging markets. The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by investing directly principally in securities of companies domiciled or having their principal activities in emerging market countries.
4. Charging structure  
Bundled Fund  
Previous AMC 1.50
New AMC 1.50
Previous TER 2.21
New TER 2.10
Previous Reimbursed Rate (Charge Basis 2) 0.50
New Reimbursed Rate (Charge Basis 2) TBC
Previous Reimbursed Amount (Charge Basis 3) 0.83
New Reimbursed Amount (Charge Basis 3) TBC
Unbundled Fund  
Previous AMC 0.75
New AMC 0.75
Previous TER 1.50
New TER 1.35
Previous Reimbursed Amount (Charge Basis 3) 0.08
New Reimbursed Amount (Charge Basis 3) TBC
Old Mutual Wealth (OMW) Fund  
Previous TER N/A

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