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Aberdeen World Emerging Markets Equity closure details

1. Fund details  
Companies impacted Old Mutual Wealth Limited
Old Mutual Wealth Life & Pensions Limited
Old Mutual International Guernsey Limited
Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited
Fund Group Aberdeen Fund Managers Limited
Fund Name Aberdeen World Emerging Markets Equity
Type of change Closure
Date fund closed to new business 24 March 2016
Deadline for investors to provide revised fund choice 4 May 2016
Date closure effective from 6 May 2016
Default fund if no revised fund choice provided Cash Deposit (ISA, ISA formerly PEP, CIA)
BlackRock Cash (CRA, CIB, OCIB)
OMW Deposit (Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited)
Is the event subject to FCA approval? No
2. Closure details  
Will the phasing/rebalancing options automatically continue with the new fund replacing the closing fund? No
3. Fund objective  
Current fund objective To provide long-term capital growth through direct and indirect investment mainly in the securities of companies that are quoted or operating primarily in countries deemed by the ACD to be emerging markets.
4. Charging structure  
Bundled Fund  
Current AMC 0.40%
Old Mutual Wealth (OMW) Fund  
Current TER 0.66%

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